WATCH: Mike Pence Got a Haircut in Norristown

Donald Trump’s running mate went to a barbershop in Norristown for a fresh ’do. CNN broadcast it live.

More than 15,000 people tuned in to CNN’s live video today of Mike Pence getting a haircut in Norristown. The barber, you may note, has a similar haircut to the one Pence has.

Pence today got a 20-minute haircut at Jones Barber & Hairstyles on East Airy Street. If you don’t have time to watch the entire video, please go to the end, where Mike Pence applauds his haircut and this exchange takes place:

Mike Pence: Perfect.
Barber: It’s been a pleasure, young man. Now, your name?

Mike Pence is in the area for a private event at Tech Tube in King of Prussia and a public event in Bucks County. He apparently decided he needed a haircut before the town hall meeting at Worth & Company in Pipersville.

Then, for some reason, CNN broadcast it on Facebook. And lots of people watched at least some of the 20-minute clip on Facebook. And now we’re bringing you the story on our website! I hope you enjoyed it. Pence paid $14 for his cut.

But there’s more to this. Some of us may go years between haircuts. (Okay, “some of us” is the writer of this article.) But Pence got a haircut less than a month ago! I know politicians have to look their best, but this seems like a bit much. Then again, that’s coming from a longhair.

Pence has frequented barber shops before as a way to boost his political brand. This is his second straight haircut from a black barber, which is way better than Trump’s outreach to minority communities.

Next time he’s in the area, I recommend Mike Pence try the Look at Me Now barbershop in Market East. They always keep my beard looking fresh.

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