5 Notable Philly April Fools’ Jokes — and One Real Story You’ll Wish Was Fake

Were you fooled this year? Here's a collection of the best and worst (mostly worst) April Fools' jokes in Philadelphia this year.


It’s not April Fools’ Day.

Ha, got you! It is April Fools’ Day, and as such you are quite the April Fool. You can go slink off now, feeling as foolish as you ever have.

Wait, wait, come back. The introduction to this article was not the only April Fools’ prank played by Philadelphians this year. Here’s a roundup of some of the best and worst.

Mike Jerrick

All morning on Good Day Philadelphia, anchor Mike Jerrick announced he was running for mayor! The Fox 29 people were very excited that the #MikeforMayor hashtag made it to the No. 6 trending topic on Twitter.

Here’s my favorite tweet with that hashtag.

That’s a pretty good campaign slogan. One of the real candidates should steal it.

The Philly Police

PHILADELPHIA – Following through on his pledge to make the Philadelphia Police Department the best Police Department in…

Posted by Philadelphia Police Department on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Philadelphia Police Department attempted to make us believe they would soon be using jetpacks. I will admit, “I can’t think of a more epic way to zip around helping folks out than with an awesome jetpack. Zoooooom!” is a fairly believable press release quote.


Geekadelphia had quite a few jokes on its site today, but this one — about Uber trains coming to compete with SEPTA — was the best. I also enjoyed this tweet from editor-in-chief Mikey Ilagan.

Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau

Get it? The new Rocky monument is … actually made out of rocks, I guess? I would’ve arranged Stonehenge into the shape of the Rocky statue, if I were in charge of this prank.

Cashman & Associates

Via email:

The team at Cashman & Associates is counting down the days until Memorial Day Weekend for more reasons than one—Nicole and the team have purchased Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino for summer fun. “We love Atlantic City! To be that close to all of the fabulous summer entertainment, beach bars and amazing dining – how could we not?” says Nicole Cashman.

Each associate will have their own floor to entertain family and friends and the hotel’s event space will be used for some signature Cashman parties. Check out the Cashman & Associates social pages as we will be running summer campaigns awarding stays at our new beach house.

This would be more believable if Trump Plaza weren’t a dump that looks like an Epcot pavilion. If Cashman & Associates were looking to buy a property in Atlantic City, it would totally be Revel.

And one non-fool from Philly Public Health …

The Philadelphia Public Health department wasn’t doing an April Fool — but it was hoping that a 2,200-calorie cheeseburger being sold at Citizens Bank Park this year was a hoax. Unfortunately for our cholesterol, it isn’t.

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