Philly Charter School Shuts for Good Today

Wakisha Charter School, founded in 2000, has been plagued by under-enrollment and will shutter for good today.

North Philadelphia’s Wakisha Charter School is closing for good today, a rare shuttering of the school in the middle of the year. The school served sixth through eighth grades.

Wakisha opened in 2000 but ran into financial problems in recent years due to dwindling enrollment. The board voted to close last month.

Earlier this year, Wakisha defended itself against formal complaints of irregular bookkeeping. In a letter sent home to parents, the school said it was down to “three administrators, and 10 classroom teachers and support staff” last week.

Another school, Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School — a K-8 school with campuses Frankford and Nolibs — had trouble making payroll earlier this month. Palmer said it was a “timing issue.” The Palmer school closed its high school about a month ago.

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