Will the Christmas Eve Storm Bring Rain or Snow?

Models show a storm headed our way for Christmas Eve. But temperatures are likely to be in the 50s, meaning we'll get rain — not snow.

Are we getting a Christmas Eve snowstorm? The short answer is “probably not.”

The long answer (because one sentence isn’t enough for a story, silly): There is an outside chance. The good people at Phillywx posted the latest model, which shows a storm system moving through on Christmas Eve.

But we probably won’t be getting any snow, because temperatures on Christmas Eve could be in the 50s. Classic Christmas weather! Colder temperatures should move in after the precipitation leaves. One Canadian model shows colder air coming in sooner — which could lead to a Christmas Eve snow — but that is an outlier.

The CBS 3’s Geoff Banson agrees, writing “rain looks to be the predominant precipitation type, NOT snow — temperatures would be too warm.”

So if you’re hoping for a white Christmas, be prepared: You’re more likely to get a wet one.