Ex-Aide: I Stole From M. Night Shyamalan

Selma Nolan Cody admitted to racking up more than $15,000 in charges to a credit card she was issued when she worked for the director.

A former aide to director M. Night Shyamalan pleaded guilty to racking up more than $15,000 in charges to a credit card given to her by Shyamalan and his wife, Bhavna. She worked for the pair in 2012 and 2013.

Blinding Edge Productions — M. Night’s production company — issued Selma Nolan Cody a credit card in her name when she started working for the couple as a house manager for their Willistown home.

The Daily Local News details the thefts:

[A VP for Blinding Edge] said that a total of 195 unauthorized purchases had been made online from Amazon, Zappos, Gap, Old Navy, Netflix, Abercrombie and Nordstrom. The value of the charges ranged from $8171 from Amazon to $412 from Netflix.

Liberati told the detective that Bhavna Shyamalan had received the purchases and confirmed that the merchandise and services had not been OK’d by either her or her husband. She noted that the bulk of the purchases — 174 of the total — had come after Cody was no longer employed by the Shyamalan family.

Cody, of Reading, will be sentenced next year — unless it turns out this is all set-up for a twist ending where it turns out she’s already dead or it’s actually modern-day suburban Philadelphia.

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