WATCH: New Video Shows SRC Member Telling Kids They Are “Probably in Failing Schools”

Sylvia Simms, the School Reform Commission member, had previously denied telling students they probably attended failing schools.

A new video of a member of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission clearly shows her telling protesting students that they are “probably in failing schools.” Sylvia Simms has previously denied the accusation from the students.

Last month, students protested a screening of the pro-charter school drama Won’t Back Down Simms hosted. After students interrupted the screening with clapping and chanting, they said Simms told them they “belong in jail” and that they’re “probably in failing schools.”

“I didn’t say ‘you children are going to a failing school.’ I was asking the children what school they go to,” Simms said after the incident.

The Philly Student Union, which organized the protest during the showing of the film, released the footage in a video on YouTube today documenting the protest. It also shows another woman at the film screening chanting “Lock them up” back at the student protesters.

[via Newsworks]