Chris Christie Argues With Retired Cop on Radio Show

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie laid into a retired police officer from the state when the man called into an "Ask the Governor" radio show to complain.

It’s been a while since Chris Christie yelled at someone for all of us to see. Well, you’re in luck: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got into a verbal sparring match with a retired New Jersey police officer over pensions on NJ 101.5’s Ask the Governor program on Wednesday.

The clip above opens with an exasperated Christie telling the caller he’s wrong. A good start to any interaction! Christie eventually lays into him, saying that his “Cadillac plan” for health care isn’t fair to New Jersey taxpayers.

“You’re a guy that retired at 58 years old, with a full pension and free medical benefits for life, and you’re coming on the air to complain,” Christie said on the show. “Those benefits are being paid for by the taxpayers of New Jersey. That pension is being paid for by the taxpayers of New Jersey. And you have the gall, the audacity to complain about me doing something that I didn’t do. I haven’t touched your pension, I haven’t touched your benefits.”

New Jersey’s pension funds are facing $90 billion in unfunded liabilities.