N-Word Spray Painted on Door at Philadelphia High School

Someone spray painted the racial slur overnight at Hallahan High School. The graffiti was cleaned up by the time students got to school.

A vandal spray painted the n-word on the doors at John W. Hallahan High School sometime overnight. Though it has been removed from the school, Hallahan is sending a letter home with students about the incident.

“That’s the one reason I brought my daughter here is because of the diversity,” a parent told Action News. “It’s just a shame that one sick individual would come and do something like this at a girl’s school.”

Hallahan maintenance supervisor Phil Moyer cleaned up the graffiti this morning before kids got to school. The graffiti appears to have been made sometime between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.

CBS 3 reports police are looking at surveillance video, but that it isn’t very good.

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