VIDEO: Missing Dog Found in Oregon Returns to Philadelphia Area

A happy ending: Gidget, the dog that went missing in April and was found in September in Oregon, has been flown home to her Philadelphia area owner.

Last week, we told you about Gidget, the dog from the Philadelphia suburbs that was found — about 3,000 miles away in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Though a microchip was able to positively identify the dog, its owner did not have the money to fly it home.

There is good news: Thanks to corporate benefactors, Gidget has been reunited with its owner. PetLink, which makes dog microchips like the one that was able to ID Gidget, worked with Pet Travel, Inc. and Washington County Animal Services to get bring the dog back to the Philadelphia area.

gidget - 540px

Though Gidget’s owners have remained anonymous, the dog became a media sensation in Oregon — or at least as much of a media sensation as a missing dog from Philadelphia on the West Coast can be.

There’s no word on how Gidget got all the way to Oregon. It went missing on April 22nd, and was found in Oregon on September 4th. Bonnie Hays Small Animal Shelter manager Deborah Wood suggests someone picked up the dog, thinking it to be a stray, and carried it along with her. She suggests bringing any mysterious dogs you find to the animal shelter instead of taking them to Oregon with you.

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