Philadelphia Housing Authority Reducing Number of Security Guards

The PHA will eliminate more than a dozen security guards by September, with more cuts to follow. They'll installing cameras and fences as replacements.

Residents of some Philadelphia Housing Authority properties are up in arms that the PHA is phasing out security guards. They’ll start to be replaced with new cameras, security cards and fencing next week.

The PHA will cut 13 of its 54 security guard jobs by September with more reductions coming later. The PHA says the new technology, plus patrols from PHA’s police cars, will make residents safer. It’s spending $10 million on those upgrades.

“They’re not going to be patrolling every hour,” Lucille Jones, a PHA tenant, told NBC 10. “I mean, hands-on is so much better than waiting for somebody to respond to a call.”

The PHA eventually wants to use the funds saved from slashing its security guard force to hire more police officers.

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