Del. Peeping Tom Sketch Looks Like Drake, Many Others

New Castle County police are looking for a man suspected of looking into a woman's windows. They released a sketch.

mugshot Police in New Castle County, Delaware, are looking into reports of a peeping Tom. Cops say a neighbor saw a man walking in a woman’s backyard in Eastburn Acres (near Stanton).

The witness says he was in his early 20s and about 6-foot-4. She had seen him looking into the woman’s windows before. Last night, they released a sketch.

In order to bring more attention to the police sketch of this man, and get an easy post on an August Thursday afternoon, I decided to ask my followers who it looks like. It’s amazing the breadth of the answers I received! My favorite answer was: Drake! He’s on tour, so it’s not him, but I see the resemblance. It’s amazing how many different people — who don’t really look alike — this sketch looks like!

Check out a bunch of guesses as to who this guy looks like:

If you think you know this man — and not any of these celebrities he looks like — please call New Castle County police at 302-395-8110. You can also leave a tip at the New Castle County PD website.