Photos: Philadelphians Gather to Watch World Cup Final

There were large public crowds at Fado and at Brauhaus Schmitz (obviously!) watching Germany beat Argentina in the final of the World Cup.

That was a fun month, wasn’t it? Whether you enjoy soccer or not, the World Cup is a great every-four-years excuse to leave work early and maybe pay attention to a game featuring players you probably haven’t heard of. And though the U.S. went out in the Round of 16, all in all it was a fun month of occasional day-drinking and semi-occasional goal-scoring.

Yesterday’s World Cup Final, which saw Germany eek out a 1-0 victory over Argentina with a goal in the second extra time actually drew pretty big crowds to public viewing parties in Philadelphia. And not just at The Canstatter Club in the Far Northeast!

Some German fans kept partying for hours. Last night after 10 p.m. on South Street, there were still excited people in Germany jerseys outside Brauhaus Schmitz.

The next World Cup is scheduled to begin on June 8th, 2018. Who knows what soccer bars Philadelphia will have by then!