Daily News Correction: Our Ex-Editor Didn’t Say ‘Horse Manure’

Zack Stalberg most certainly used a different word (not that the paper will actually print it).

There’s a fantastic correction in today’s Daily News:

In yesterday’s “Chillin’ Wit’” column, a fond farewell to former Daily News editor Zack Stalberg as he heads west to New Mexico, Stalberg was misquoted as using the term “horse manure.” He responded: “I demand a correction. Does anyone really think I would use the word ‘manure’?” No. Stalberg actually said “horse s—.” And that’s no bull manure.

While editing the Daily News, Stalberg used “And that’s no bullshit” as the closing line to his memos. The paper is still apparently not allowed to print curse words.

Stalberg says he is headed to New Mexico because he’s always wanted to move west.

[via Stephanie Farr]