Philadelphia Gets Dietz & Watson From from New Jersey

Dietz & Watson will build a facility in Tacony to replace one that burnt down in New Jersey last year.

Dietz & Watson announced today that it will build a 200,000-square foot distribution facility in Philadelphia’s Frankford Arsenal. (A move to Philly  had been rumored in February.) The thing that makes this a bigger deal than usual? The facility replaces one that burnt down in New Jersey last year.

The deal, apparently brokered by Councilman Bobby Henon, relocates the distribution center next to the company’s current production facility on Tacony Street. The city invested $6 million in property in the Arsenal and offered Dietz & Watson $7 million in incentives to broker the deal. Some of the land acquired by the city in the deal will be turned over to Philadelphia’s Parks and Recreation department. The deal will bring 158 jobs to the city.

“Dietz and Watson are the true heroes in this story,” Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger said in a fun quote that makes it seem like Dietz and Watson fought evil villains, the real-world equivalent of Mario and Luigi. The deal is a bit of revenge, I guess, for the Sixers moving their practice facility to Camden — plus the city isn’t investing nearly as much money as the Sixers are getting in Jersey.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our family-owned company to grow in the city and state that has supported us for 75 years,” said Louis Eni, President & CEO of Dietz & Watson, said in a statement.

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