Bucks County High School Has 14 Sets of Graduating Twins

Lots of people will graduate from William Tennent high school this month. And twins!

You may know William Tennent high school from the large hill on its cross country course. Oh, wait, that might just be me and other people who did high school XC in Bucks County. Anyway, now you’ll know it for something else: There are 14 sets of twins graduating from it this year!

William Tennent High School has a ridiculous amount of twins graduating and they’re not all identical. There are five sets of male twins, seven sets of male/female twins and two sets of female twins. How weird, right?

According to the AP, the twin birth rate rose 76 percent from 1980 to 2009; the government cites fertility drugs as the reason why.

The Courier Times has video of the twin grads.

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