Corbett Accuses Teachers’ Union of Politicizing Student’s Death

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett ripped several teachers' union heads in a letter, responding to a comments they'd made after a 7-year-old student died.

Governor Tom Corbett continued the war of words between him and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and other union leaders in a letter dated May 23rd. The Daily News’ Regina Medina reports Corbett sent a letter to Philadelphia Federation of Teachers president Jerry Jordan, American Federation of Teachers Pennsylvania president Ted Kirsch, and national AFT president Randi Weingarten. Check it:

“I am deeply troubled that the union leadership of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers — and by extension the American Federation of Teachers — would use the recent tragedy at Andrew Jackson Elementary School as an opportunity to make a political statement and to further your self-serving agenda,” Corbett wrote.

The letter was a response to comments made by Jordan, Kirsch, and Weingarten that blasted Corbett for slashing education budgets and rejecting expanded Medicaid funding.

Sebastian Gerena, 7, collapsed at died at Jackson Elementary School earlier this month. An autopsy revealed he had a congenital heart defect.

“There is an appropriate time and place to call for education policy discussions,” Corbett said in his letter to the union heads, and accused the teachers’ union of failing to negotiate.

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