Here Are Mugshots of Alleged Swiss Cheese Pervert Chris Pagano [UPDATED]

Norristown police report that a 2009 solicitation arrest involved cheese.

UPDATE: Swiss Cheese Pervert suspect Chris Pagano has been arrested. For the complete story, go here.


When I showed up at Chris Pagano’s Norristown home on Saturday to ask him if he was the Swiss Cheese Pervert, I didn’t exactly find his denial to be very convincing. So I’m not surprised to learn that Pagano’s 2009 arrest for solicitation did, indeed, involve cheese.

Pagano, seen above in 2006 and 2009 mugshot photos, was arrested on May 6, 2009, after an incident with a woman on the street in Norristown.

From the affidavit of probable cause in that case (I changed the woman’s name):

… The Norristown Police Department received a report of attempted sexual assault. Norristown Police Officer Terrance Seligman went to the caller’s residence and met with [Ms. Doe.] [Ms. Doe] reported that she had just been approached by a male while she was walking. The male asked [Ms. Doe] to have sexual contact with him…

[Ms. Doe] told police that at approximately 0030 hours she was walking home from a store the male approached her from behind and asked her a question. The male removed a large block of cheese from his pocket and told [Ms. Doe] that he would pay her $20 to rub the swiss cheese on his penis. [Ms. Doe] became alarmed and fled on foot toward her residence. The male offered [Ms. Doe] more money as she fled the area. [Ms. Doe] described the male as white, balding and weighing over 300 pounds.

[Ms. Doe] identified Christopher Pagano as the person that asked her to place cheese on his penis.

As a result, Pagano was charged with criminal solicitation and disorderly conduct. He later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and the solicitation charge was dismissed.

The outcome was the same in 2006 after Pagano was charged with solicitation and disorderly conduct. The Norristown Police Department is unable to confirm that cheese was involved in the 2006 incident.

“I was working the 2006 detail as well,” says Norristown Police detective James Angelucci, who worked the 2009 case. “And I believe cheese was on the menu, but I’m not completely sure. If my memory serves me, it was Swiss.”

As for the recent reports of alleged Swiss Cheese Pervert activities in Philadelphia, including in the Mayfair neighborhood, Lieutenant Anthony McFadden of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Special Victims Unit tells me that he’s aware of the accusations against the Swiss Cheese Pervert but that he is still waiting for a complaining witness or victim to come forward and be interviewed. In other word, ladies, the police need your help. You can reach Special Victims at 215-685-3263.

A Mayfair Town Watch representative says that their organization has provided the police with the names and contact information of six alleged Swiss Cheese Pervert victims.

Below, a photo of the alleged Swiss Cheese Pervert that a woman posted on Twitter recently:


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