Eagles Playoff Game Vs. Saints Is Only Sold Out Playoff Game [UPDATED]

Because Cincinnati, Green Bay and Indianapolis all suck.

Bravo, Philadelphia. Deadspin reports that of the four NFL playoff games scheduled for this weekend, the only one that is sold out is the Eagles vs. Saints game at the Linc on Saturday.

According to Deadspin, there are over 5,000 tickets still available for Colts vs. Chiefs in Indianapolis, about 8,000 for Bengals vs. Chargers in Cincinnati, and something like 7,500 for Sunday’s Packers vs. 49ers game in Green Bay, where, it should be noted, the temperature on game day will be a high of zero. Blackouts are possible in the local markets if tickets don’t start moving.

As for Eagles playoff tickets, which sold out quickly, resold tickets on StubHub and the NFL Ticket Exchange on Ticketmaster generally range from $120 to $2,000.

UPDATE: As of Thursday night, limited tickets were actually still available to the Eagles game via Ticketmaster, but few and far between.