Customers Not Buying Comcast’s New Plan to Make Nice

Our readers are not impressed.

Comcast‘s shiny new plan to fix its dreadful customer service isn’t going over well with customers. While the company sees as a step forward, customers simply hear lip service.

To Comcast’s credit, it admits the need to “get this thing right” as Comcast Cable President & CEO Neil Smit said Tuesday. And it’s investing big dollars to do it, giving recently minted Executive Vice President of Customer Experience Charlie Herrin a $300 million budget to find a solution. (Check out more on his plan here.)

The plan is to build three new customer-service centers in the United States, employing 5,500 workers; allowing agents to screen share with customers, rolling out a tech tracking app nationwide; and offering $20 automatic credits if a technician is even one minute late.

But customers are fed up. They want to schedule technicians outside of normal work hours. They want issues resolved in one phone call, not five. They want lower prices and less confusing bills.

In fact, when we posted a story about Comcast’s new initiative on the Philadelphia Magazine Facebook page, there were plenty of comments, but I couldn’t find one that was positive.

Here’s a smattering:


The readers on weren’t impressed either.