Kiko Alonso, LeSean McCoy Speak

Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports

Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports

The details of the Eagles-Rams trade were sent over by the team just as the conference call with Kiko Alonso began, so reporters were a bit preoccupied trying to digest the terms and make sense of it all (t0 this point, unsuccessfully). But a few questions were fired off and there was some news that came back in return.

The 24-year old linebacker, who tore his left ACL back in July, does not anticipate being “full go” for April or May but the plan is to be 100 percent by the time training camp starts up.

“I’m feeling really good. I’m doing just about everything. Not at 100 percent yet but definitely getting to where I’m about to start feeling really good about it,” he said.

The former Duck said there are a lot of similarities between the defense Kelly ran at Oregon and the one the Eagles are running here, and is excited to be reunited with some familiar faces. He anticipates playing on the inside.

Meanwhile, in Buffalo, LeSean McCoy was speaking his mind about how things went down. From PFT:

LeSean McCoy is officially a Buffalo Bill, and at his introductory press conference, he took a bit of a swipe at his former team by opening with the words, “It feels good to be here. It feels good to be appreciated.”…

McCoy said the Eagles gave him no indication that they were thinking about getting rid of him, and he wishes they would have given him a heads-up.

“I was disappointed just because I didn’t know what was going on,” McCoy said. “I knew I had a big cap hit, so I knew there would be some conversations to try to fix the contract, but other than that I didn’t know anything.”