Super Bowl Odds: Cowboys Ahead Of Eagles

The book slammed shut on the 2014 NFL season with Malcolm Butler’s interception of Russell Wilson Sunday night in Glendale, Ariz.

In a few days, everyone’s full attention will turn to free agency and the draft as all 32 teams look to fill holes and bolster their talent.

But before that process takes place, where do the Eagles stand?

Bovada recently sent out its list of Super Bowl odds, and the Eagles rank tied for seventh at 20/1:

Seattle Seahawks – 5/1
New England Patriots –  7/1

Green Bay Packers – 8/1
Denver Broncos – 10/1
Dallas Cowboys – 14/1
Indianapolis Colts – 14/1
Philadelphia Eagles – 20/1
San Francisco 49ers – 20/1

What stands out here? Well, first of all, based on the odds, the Eagles are no longer the favorites in the NFC East. That title goes to the Cowboys, who are 14/1. In the NFC, the Seahawks, Packers and Cowboys are ahead of the Eagles.

If you’re wondering about the other NFC East teams, the Giants are tied for 14th at 40/1. And Washington is tied for 27th at 100/1.

Vegas seems to believe that the Eagles are in the top handful of teams in the conference, but a clear notch below teams like Seattle and Green Bay.

Of course, a lot always changes from year to year in the NFL, and we’ll see in the coming months whether the Birds’ offseason moves make them more popular or less popular among the gamblers.