Camp Notes: McCoy/Cole Square Off

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

The first fight of training camp featured a pair of prominent Eagles players.

At the end of the very first play of 7-on-7’s Sunday, a large scrum grew near the left sideline. In the middle LeSean McCoy and Trent Cole were locking horns. Teammates successfully separated the two for a moment until McCoy leaped back into the pile trying to get a shot at the outside linebacker. The two launched words back at one another as they were guided to different areas of the field. Eventually, the scene settled.

What happened?

“Well, Trent nudged him, McCoy didn’t like how it felt and after that, man, he tried to get him back,” said Brandon Graham.

A nudge, huh?

“It wasn’t really a nudge because, you know,  270 against 200…Hey, that nudge may have been a push,” Graham said with a laugh.

Cole chose not to answer questions about the dust-up afterwards. McCoy, who was scheduled to be at the podium this afternoon anyway, was more open.

“That was nothing. Just two friends going at it. The whole camp so far he’s been touching me just a  little too much and I’m trying to let him know, ‘It’s OK if you can’t cover me. You know, it’s OK,’ ” McCoy cracked. “But we’re just battling, that’s all. We’ll go into this locker room here, talk it out, joke it out. It was nothing.

“That’s actually one of my good friends…There’s times when me and [Jeremy] Maclin go at it and we’re really like brothers. It’s part of football.”

Logan sits out

Bennie Logan was missing from the center of the defense for portions of team drills on Saturday. Today, he sat out altogether, working off to the side with a trainer during Sunday’s session.

Logan told Birds 24/7 afterwards that he is dealing with a tight hamstring and that the training staff is holding him out just to be on the safe side. He expects to return in the near future.

Defensive back Roc Carmichael left practice early. He and Brad Smith both came down hard after fighting for a Nick Foles jump ball. Smith kneeled off to the side for some time before re-joining the rest of the team.

Pads come on tomorrow

Practice shifts to Lincoln Financial Field tomorrow. Graham revealed that the team will be wearing pads for the first time Monday, so the fans should see a little hitting (though no tackling to the ground).

“Pads come on tomorrow at Lincoln Financial Field, baby,” said Graham. “We’ve been waiting to put these pads on. It’s getting close and everyone can feel it.”