Riddick: Eagles Pulling Away From Division

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Louis Riddick spent five years with the Eagles, including three as the team’s director of pro personnel.

He now works as an analyst for ESPN, but has been keeping a close eye on his former employer and likes what he’s seeing.

Speaking to the Jon & Sean Show on 97.5 The Fanatic, Riddick said he believes the Eagles are separating themselves from the rest of the NFC East with their recent moves.

“Philadelphia, quite honestly, is pulling away from the rest of the division as far as their team-building right now,” Riddick said. “They’re locking up young players that Chip [Kelly] has identified as being people he wants long-term, whereas the rest of the division is either trying to cut a bunch of dead weight like Dallas and New York, or is a team that’s in constant turmoil like Washington where every year it seems like they’re doing something new and they’re always spinning their wheels. Philly’s pulling away. Chip’s got a good thing going.”

He also made the point that drastic changes are always possible when new management teams take over. Riddick suggested a couple weeks ago that the Dolphins could shop Dion Jordan. And like many others, he connected the dots to the Eagles.

“I know how Philadelphia felt about Dion heading into the draft last year,” Riddick said. “I know that they were more than prepared to pick him, and then Miami jumped up there and took him. And so now whenever you have all those things add up, all those things come into play, now you have a new management team, I have heard that his name is being floated around out there. I know there are other teams that talked about it. Obviously Philly is an easy projection to make, considering the fact that you only really have one 34 outside backer who’s a natural at it with the other guys being all conversion people. So it just makes too much sense.”

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