Chip Updates Status Of Vick, Foles


Chip Kelly confirmed what most suspected: Nick Foles has a concussion.

“I saw Nick after the game last night. He seems like he is doing well,” said Kelly at his day-after press conference. “There is a protocol and a system that you go through before he’s cleared but he says he feels good, so we’ll see how it goes as the week progresses.”

Foles was injured at the end of third quarter Sunday after being taken down by a pair of Dallas defenders near the sideline. That ended a very rough outing for the second-year signal caller. The television broadcast made a couple references to the groin injury Foles sustained in practice prior to the Bucs game. Kelly said that Foles had a cleat mark on his knee from getting kicked by a Dallas defender at some point, but didn’t think he re-injured his groin. Foles did not appear on the injury report leading up to the Cowboys game.

Kelly indicated that a lot of issues were related to his footwork, and didn’t think it had anything to do with injury or the size of the moment.

“Nick never struck as a guy where the moment kind of catches him. He came off the bench against the Giants without taking a snap and led us on a drive to get a field goal in a critical situation. When I saw him play in college, I don’t think any time in college did I see Nick get overwhelmed by the moment.”

Michael Vick was in for treatment on his pulled hamstring Monday. He worked out before the game and feels like he is moving in the right direction, per Kelly. Vick will warm up with the strength and conditioning coaches prior to Tuesday’s practice. That session will help Kelly determine who gets the first-team snaps to start the week.

If Vick isn’t all the way back, there’s a good chance those snaps go to Matt Barkley. The rookie was tossed into action in the fourth quarter and threw for 129 yards with three interceptions.

“Difficult situation for him to come into,” said Kelly, “and I’m sure he would want those throws back.”

If Vick and Foles are unable to play, Barkley will get his first NFL start on Sunday against the Giants. The Eagles will also have to sign a quarterback for this week to back up Barkley if the top two QBs are out.