Twitter Mailbag: A Look At Red Zone Efficiency

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From @sleeperSS: can we take a look at red zone efficiency thru 4 preseason games, Tim? Thanks

We can do it through the first three games, sure.

In 2012, the Eagles scored touchdowns on 44 percent of their trips to the red zone. That ranked 28th in the NFL. (Green Bay led the league with a 69 percent TD conversion rate.)

This preseason, the team’s overall number sits at 54 percent (7-of-13). The Eagles were 2-for-4 in their red zone trips against New England, though both of their failed missions came in the latter stages of the fourth quarter with Dennis Dixon and G.J. Kinne under center, respectively. They went 2-for-3 against Carolina — the lone blemish being Nick Foles‘ interception in the back of the end zone to Josh Thomas.  And they were 3-of-6 against the Jaguars, including 1-for-4 in the first half.

Michael Vick is 2-for-5 in his red zone trips this preseason (40 percent), while Foles is 4-for-5 (80 percent).

Taking away too much from preseason stats is insane. The numbers aren’t totally pure (Two of Foles’ conversions came versus backups in the fourth quarter against Jacksonville, for instance) but those are the figures.

From @JerryP2375: Russell Sheppard, Greg Salas, Clay Harbor. If only one can stay, which one makes the team?

I say Harbor.

The way I look at it, Chip Kelly has too large of a love for tight ends to only keep three on the roster. He has already shown four tight-end sets this preseason. I’m no Rhodes Scholar (h/t to comments section) but if he wants to use that look at all in the regular season, stands to reason he’ll need to keep four tight ends around.

Keeping only four true receivers on the 53 is a little dicey. I say either Salas or Sheppard makes it. But not at the expense of Harbor, who can serve as a ‘tweener for Kelly.

The 26-year-old said that he will play the first half tonight at receiver before moving over to tight end.

From @Jonzee 32: Would you rather try to block F. Cox, or be blocked by J. Peters?

Is there a third option?

From @TomWelke: with Kenny Phillips gone why not bring in Quintin Mikell? We could use that veteran presence on d.

Checked in with Mikell just for you, Tom. He said that he has been receiving some calls but asked his agent not mention any team names until something is concrete. The Eagles are trying to go young, so chances are they wouldn’t be players for a veteran like Mikell unless the current options on their roster fall flat.

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