Leftovers From Jacksonville

If Michael Vick stayed between the painted lines during the first two preseason games, he did a little more off-roading against the Jaguars on Saturday. There were more risky decisions and a bit more improv.

DeSean Jackson says that just comes with the territory.

“Mike is always out there trying to do the best he can in any way possible,” said Jackson. “He just tried to extend some plays where he probably could have gotten out of bounds or threw the ball out, things like that. But that’s Mike Vick. That’s what you’ve got to deal with when you’re dealing with Mike Vick. But I think less of that will happen during the season because Chip [Kelly] and Pat [Shurmur] do a great job of getting on him and coaching him as a quarterback and letting him know what he can and can’t do. Sky is the limit as long as we don’t turn the ball over. You know, he goes through his progressions and makes the correct reads and things like that, I think everything will be alright.”

Do you guys talk to him as well?

“Oh yeah, I always get on him, man. Anytime he kind of messes up or throws an interception I’m like, ‘Come on, bro. You’re better than that.’ He takes constructive criticism well. We’re all just here to help each other and do the best we can as one, as a unit.”

Wolff’s rookie mistake

The good news for Earl Wolff is that he rotated in with the first unit a healthy amount Saturday, splitting series with Nate Allen. The bad news is he didn’t have the cleanest of outings. Most notably, the rookie got caught out of position on Jordan Todman‘s 63-yard touchdown run in the second quarter.

“I was being too aggressive. I took a bad angle,” said Wolff. “I’m not known for taking bad angles but it happened and I am going to learn from my mistakes. I’m just glad it happened in preseason.

“I came down so fast. Something was telling me that he was going to cut back and he didn’t end up cutting back like I thought I was going to.”

Wolff said that he usually is hard on himself when it comes to self-evaluation, and it was no different after this game. He did feel that he at least showed the coaches that he knows the defense and didn’t make many mental errors. The fifth-round pick could very well work into the starting lineup in the near future, but probably needs a little seasoning yet.

Williams’ walkoff

Cary Williams was a captain for Saturday’s game along with Vick. Jason Babin was one of the three captains for the Jaguars. After the coin toss, Vick and the three Jaguars shook hands and shared a word, as is custom.  Williams just walked off without as much as a how-ya-do.

Was this a the-opponent-is-my-enemy-and-I-don’t-make-nice-with-the-enemy moment? Was he trying to get on the Eagles fans’ good side by disrespecting Babin?

No such luck.  It was just a rookie mistake.

“That was my first time being a captain. Once I realized I had run off, and there is no going back after that,” said Williams. “I just forgot.”

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