Andy Reid Addresses Philly Media

Some highlights from Andy Reid‘s conference call with the Philadelphia media on Monday afternoon.

On his decision to not address the Philly media and fans until today: “I just thought there was a time and a place to do that,” said Reid. “I didn’t think it was right right after the game, even though I did address it a little bit. Just take a step back. I talked to the players, which was an emotional thing, the coaches which was an emotional thing, the organization. I thought it was important to take a step back and do it at a certain time. I thought this was the right time to do it. But I have nothing but good things to say about my time in Philadelphia. I absolutely loved my time there. Fourteen great years. The fan base there was great. They are all in. They get it.”

On whether his recollection of the draft structure jives with how Jeffrey Lurie described it, where Howie Roseman did not have final say: “I would just tell you that the most important thing…is I think everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction,” said Reid. “We’re all in it together. When that gets out of whack, bad things happen. That’s how this league works: you get good coaches, you get good players and you go win football games. It’s pretty simple that way. In the structure of things, everybody has to be pulling in the same direction. If that gets a little out of whack, then you are not going to be very successful.

“Listen, change can be a good thing. Howie is a young guy that is going to do a phenomenal job; Jeffrey is a great owner. That part is not going to change. Good things for the Philadelphia Eagles.”

On the state of the Eagles and the incoming head coach: “This is a young football team, they’re getting a lot of guys off the IR list, they are going to fill in,” said Reid. “They’ve got some young guys at some crucial positions and the next guy that comes in, he’s got a couple years to build it. I would hope the fans and everybody gave him the opportunity to do that.”

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