Nnamdi Injured Maclin During Celebration

Jeremy Maclin popped up on the injury report with a groin strain following Sunday’s dramatic win over the Bucs. Turns out, it happened after the final whistle had blown.

Maclin was slow to come out with it. Here’s how the exchange went with reporters:

Did you injure yourself on that game-winning touchdown?

“My groin is a little sore. I’ll be alright, though.”

Was that the play?

“That is kind of what did it.”

Was it sliding or running back out to midfield?

“No, it was actually when the guy jumped on top of me, hit me.”

Have you given whatever teammate jumped on you a hard time?

“It was Nnamdi [Asomugha], and I already gave him a hard time.”

There you go. The jokes have already started in earnest.

Andy Reid said Maclin should be able to play on Thursday against the Bengals, which — assuming he is not limited — would make this nothing more than an ironic footnote. For the rest of the injury situation, click here.