All-22: Foles Makes Progress In Third Start

Here’s a look at Nick Foles’ performance against the Cowboys, using the All-22 tape.

Play 1: I mentioned yesterday how the Eagles had a terrific game-plan for neutralizing DeMarcus Ware. The run game was outstanding in the first half. As a result, they were able to fool Ware with play-action. The first frame here shows Ware and also highlights right guard Jake Scott.

To Ware, it looks like Scott is going trying to trap him for a run play to Bryce Brown.

As you can see, Ware is left unblocked at the start of the play. If he decides it’s a play-fake and goes after Foles, it’s a sack and maybe even a forced fumble. But he’s playing the run. Look at where Ware ends up by the time Foles sets up in the pocket.

Foles does a nice job of shuffling to his left and delivering a strike to Jeremy Maclin for 14 yards near the sideline. Nice play design and execution.

Play 2: On the second-quarter scoring drive, Foles set Maclin in motion from left to right and saw the Cowboys defensive back go with him, indicating man coverage.

Maclin starts his route outside before going to the slant.

And Foles put the ball on the money so Maclin can pick up yards after the catch. It’s only about an 8-yard completion, but Maclin is able to pick up 21 and set up the touchdown. The TV angle shows the ball placement.

Good, accurate, high-percentage throw that led to a big gain.

Play 3: Same idea on an earlier throw to Riley Cooper. Maclin’s route from the slot takes one defensive back out of the picture, and the safety to that side of the field is deep.

Again, the ball has to be on-target on this throw or it’s a waste. It’s 3rd-and-12, and this is just an 8-yard completion. But Cooper’s able to turn it into a 16-yard gain.

Play 4: Foles missed a chance for a big play in the second. Maclin runs a double-move, stopping around the 46-yard-line and getting the cornerback to bite.

You can see from the end-zone angle that Foles has room to hit Maclin before the safety comes over.

But Foles overthrows him. I think he probably wanted to throw the ball to the outside too, away from the safety. Good play, good decision. The throw was just off-target.

Play 5: On third down in the fourth, Foles looked like he had a chance to hit Brent Celek over the middle.

Celek has space behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties. Foles has time, but he looks to the left corner of the end zone to Clay Harbor, who was covered.

The Eagles ended up settling for a field goal.

Like I said earlier this week, some missed opportunities, but overall, Foles played well and showed encouraging signs in his third start.

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