McCoy: ‘This Is For Real. I Don’t Like Osi’

When Giants defensive lineman Osi Umenyiora wished LeSean McCoy a Happy Mother’s Day via Twitter back in May, the Eagles running back kept quiet.

But there was a reason for that.

“Now he is lucky that I was going through a contract situation and me and Coach [Andy] Reid are tight,” McCoy said during an E:60 interview. “So [Reid] told me, ‘don’t say nothing,’ and I gave my word to him that I won’t say nothing to him … at the time.”

McCoy, of course, signed a six-year, $45.6M contract this past offseason. And well, with the Eagles set to host the Giants Sunday night, I guess he figured it was time to fire back.

“Yeah, this is for real. I don’t like Osi,” he said. “I don’t know how he feels. He might think it’s a game, but I don’t play them type of games. So every time we’re on the field, I’m going to say stuff to him like, ‘You’re the third best defensive lineman on the defense.’ I didn’t lie… I did lie, because he’s like fourth now.

“Osi, to be honest, he is a good player. I think he thinks that he is better than what he really is. I think he is a ballerina in a Giants uniform. Other than that, that is all I got to say about Osi.”

The way McCoy and Umenyiora tell it, the beef goes back to the running back’s rookie year. He chipped Umenyiora a bit too hard, and the veteran didn’t like it. Umenyiora gave McCoy flak for his comparatively small contract.

Back in June of 2011, when Umenyiora was involved in a contract squabble with the Giants, McCoy Tweeted that he was soft, overrated and the third-best defensive lineman on his own team.

Umenyiora fired back, calling McCoy several different things, including a Chihuahua, a poodle, a little girl, a woman and Lady Gaga.

In six career games against the Giants, McCoy is averaging 87.7 yards and 5.72 yards per carry. The Eagles have won five of the meetings.

In nine career games against the Eagles, Umenyiora has 11.5 sacks. He also has a pair of Super Bowl rings.

Let the buildup for Sunday night begin.

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