Concern Surrounding Kelce Injury

Jason Kelce rested on a set of high-tech crutches as he  fielded questions  about his right knee injury at his locker following the game Sunday. He wore a sleeve that ran from his toes up his legs, and a brace on top of that surrounding the knee area. When asked about his previous injury history when it came to his knees, Kelce said the following, which everyone with interest in the organization is hoping wasn’t a Freudian slip.

“I have never had a knee injury, never tore a ligament in my life. So this is my first,” said Kelce, who quickly reeled it back in. “Or, er, maybe.”

The tone from both the center and the head coach could be interpreted as ominous. An MRI Monday morning will bring the official diagnosis, but there seems to be reason for concern.

“I can’t tell you that one looks real good,” said Andy Reid.

Kelce went down early in the third quarter following a nine-yard LeSean McCoy run.

“Shady made [a defender] miss and as it just so happened, right when I was putting my foot down and planting they were going head first into my knee,” he said.

Kelce began rolling around on the ground before being assisted to the sidelines.

“That’s what most of the rolling around and everything was,” said Kelce. “It wasn’t so much pain as it was just shock and fear that something serious is wrong.”

Jeremy Maclin is the other main injury to keep an eye on. He left in the third quarter with a hip pointer injury after throwing a key block on a 24-yard catch and run by Brent Celek. Maclin, who suffered a hip injury against Cleveland, walked off the field very gingerly. He returned to the game, but lasted just one play.

“I’m hurting. I am hurting, I’m not going to lie to you,” said Maclin. “It’s along the lines of the same injury, it’s just a little different. I don’t feel very good right now, so we’ll see how the week goes.

“It took a lot for me to say I can’t go.”

Rounding out the injuries, King Dunlap left the game with a hamstring strain and was replaced by Demetress Bell.

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