Eagles Wake-Up Call: Bowls With Foles

There is a new hero in Philadelphia. And his name is Nick Foles.

Usually the backup quarterback is the most popular man in Philly. But after Thursday’s opener against the Steelers, the crown will be worn by the third-stringer for at least  a week.

“I love the fans’ passion. It’s an honor for me to be here playing, and I love it,” said Foles, not helping matters any. “I want to do well for them. All of us do. I love how the fans are.”

Foles said multiple times that he still has a ton of work to do and that it was only one game (against back-ups). It’s good that somebody is keeping their head.

The 6-5 rookie out of Arizona went 6-of-10 for 144 yards with a pair of touchdown tosses. He finished with a 143.8 quarterback rating. Midway through the third he floated to his right and launched a pass that traveled 40-plus yards in the air to a wide-open Damaris Johnson, who cruised in for the 70-yard touchdown. He followed that up with a 44-yard TD pass to Mardy Gilyard.

Foles mania commenced.

The Tweet of the night  goes to @phiLAsports7:

the real question is does Andy or Marty give the speech at Canton for Foles. After Reid and Marty each win 2#BowlswithFoles.

Bowls with Foles. Love that.

Mike Kafka did not fare as well in his preseason debut. Andy Reid was asked if the No. 2 spot is up for grabs.

“Everything’s open. I keep it wide open at all positions,” said Reid. “Whoever is playing the best is going to play.”


Michael Vick put a scare in the hearts of the Delaware Valley when he exited with a thumb injury in the second quarter. The quarterback hit the back of Jason Kelce’s helmet on a follow-through and left in pain. The X-rays taken at halftime were negative. Bullet dodged.

Here are some instant observations from Sheil. SPOILER ALERT: The notes do not reflect well on Jaiquawn Jarrett.

Of course, the whole game was played with the sad backdrop of Garrett Reid‘s recent passing. Andy and his family took a step forward thanks to the Philadelphia fans.


Jeffrey and Christina Lurie have agreed on a divorce settlement, according to the New York Post.

…the former Hollywood producer turned NFL mogul has agreed to hand her a sizable chunk of the team, which they bought in 1994 and is currently worth more than $1 billion. We hear the final court papers could be filed as early as next week.

What does it mean for the Eagles now that Christina allegedly has a “chunk” of the control? That will be a storyline to follow.

Apparently Donovan McNabb has gotten leaner this offseason as his search for work continues. From John Clayton:

McNabb spent so much time in the weight room getting his body ready for the pounding of being a starting quarterback. Friends told him he got too big, so he’s adjusted his workout routine. It’s going to take an injury to open a starting job for McNabb and many believe he’s a long shot to play again.


A players day off Friday. Training camp resumes on Saturday morning with an 8:15 walkthrough. Reid will address the media afterwards. The afternoon practice kicks off at 2:45.