Jarrett Lands His First Counterpunch

New secondary coach Todd Bowles issued a challenge to his unit. On Day 1 of live hitting he noticed his group was holding back, and wanted to see their physicality unleashed.

Jaiquawn Jarrett obliged.

Andy Reid promised a challenging camp and made good on his word Sunday, as the afternoon practice thumped on for nearly three hours. This time last season, because of all the various circumstances around the lockout, what transpired on these fields felt like a distant relative of football. There was little time for real hitting, which is not good if hitting is your calling card. Jarrett began slipping off the radar, to the point where some believe he is now on the bubble to make this roster.

For one of the first times since being selected in the second round by the Eagles, he showed flashes of the player they hoped he’d be. It’s only one day in training camp, but it’s something.

“Being able to have some live periods is going to be great for us as a team,” said Jarrett. “Football is live.”

LeSean McCoy was the target of choice. Jarrett took the Pro Bowl back out with a flying dive along the left sideline on one sequence, then popped him moments later and forced a fumble, sparking one of the biggest reactions of the day from the crowd.

He also got some good wood on Stanley Havili to the delight of Juan Castillo.

Jarrett had DeSean Jackson in his sights at one point as well, but the receiver wisely slid down before a collision had a chance to occur.

“That dude made a hit today, I didn’t think it was a safety that made the hit,” said Brian Rolle. “Today showed that he’s making tremendous strides  towards wanting to be a starter.”

Currently the starting safety spots are occupied by Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman, and O.J. Atgowe is the next name top-of-tongue.  We’ll see if Jarrett can answer the bell.

“There’s always competition. Competition never stops,” said Jarrett. “As long as I’m out here, I am going to compete.