Mike Vick Weighs In On Penn State Ruling

Training camp in Bethlehem has a most isolated feel, but Eagles coaches and players are certainly aware of the seismic news rumbling out of Penn State.

“It’s sad that certain people have to suffer in that situation,” said Michael Vick. “But the punishment that was imposed was imposed for a reason. Hopefully society will learn from this, and in years to come Penn State can bounce back. But as of right now they definitely have to deal with the verdict that was handed down.”

Tight end Brett Brackett, a Penn State alum who has been forced to answer question after question about the scandal since being signed by the Eagles last year, was informed of the ruling  as he was walking off the Lehigh practice fields Monday morning. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg ducked into the reporter circle as the laundry list of sanctions was being listed – a $60 million fine, a four-year postseason ban, loss of scholarships and wins – and walked away with a, “Wow.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are still with the victims who are healing and recovering from what went down, that’s where I’m at right now,” said Brackett. When asked about the tearing down of the Joe Paterno statue, Brackett responded, “The statue is an inanimate object. These people are real people that were affected. And if that’s going to help them with their grieving process and that’s going to be something positive to move forward with their lives, then so be it.”


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