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Best Wine Guy

2018 Best Wine Expert

Max Gottesfeld

Gottesfeld, from the Fine Wine & Good Spirits at 12th and Chestnut, will find that perfect bottle of skin-contact vino to pair with your meal – a rare experience at a state store. View Profile »

Fine Wine and Good Spirits: 1112 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2017 Best Wine Guy

Tim Kweeder at Kensington Quarters

1310 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

In this beer-lovin’ town, wine can be a hard sell. Leave it to Kensington Quarters GM and wine director Kweeder to come up with a […] Read more »

2016 Best State Store Employee

Rob Peters, Ardmore Wine & Spirits

62 Greenfield Avenue, Ardmore, PA Website

This a joke, right? Nope, not when it comes to Peters, who holds certifications from the Society of Wine Educators and the Wine & Spirit […] Read more »

2015 Best Wine Guy

Tim Kweeder at Petruce et al.


By day he lobbies for consumer-friendly reform. By night he conducts adventures through unheralded varietals, unsulfured bottles and otherwise offbeat wines at Petruce. But Kweeder’s […] Read more »