Best of Philly

2020 New Wellness Trend

Women’s Wellness Spaces

Philly’s female-health-focused wellness spaces are absolutely popping off. In Rittenhouse, VSPOT Medi Spa ( focuses on intimate treatments for women, from a golden vagina facial to orgasm injections — as well as open conversations on issues like incontinence. Contour Body Studio ( in Kensington offers V-steams, body contouring, and simple cosmetic services like teeth whitening. And in King of Prussia, Main Line Health ( opened a $64 million medical center with Axia Women’s Health ( in March with six floors of primary care, ob-gyn services, cardiology, and behavioral health offerings, all focused on women — plus a cafe, an apothecary-style boutique, a space for yoga classes, and an under-construction rooftop farm.