Best of Philly

2018 No-Frills Coffee


I used to drink fancy coffee – single-drip/hand-roasted/micro-lot concoctions that cost roughly $25 apiece. But eventually, I stopped being patient enough to wait for a latte artist to draw a tree in my almond milk foam. So I went to Wawa, the promised land of self-serve carafes, where a cup costs less than two bucks, where the bar never runs out of stirrers or sugar or creamer, and where the coffee isn’t a caffeine bomb, so I can drink it all day without getting the shakes. There’s something innately comforting about the easy routine of Wawa: press, pour, stir, pay, drink, repeat. I guess I could ask myself if I miss my rose-petal cappuccinos (not particularly), or if I really need to drink four cups of coffee a day (definitely not). But the question I actually find myself asking, as I zip in and out of Wawa in less time than it takes a hipster barista to pull a shot of espresso, is: Why did coffee become so freaking complicated in the first place? – Emily Goulet