Best of Philly

2009 Kid-Friendly Dining

Trolley Car Diner

Running a family-friendly dining spot is harder than it looks: Cater too much to the kids, and parents want to blow their brains out; cater too much to the parents, and parents still want to blow their brains out (because if the kids ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy). This neon-bright ’50s-style Mount Airy spot gets the blend just right: The kids’ menu (which comes on an old-school Viewmaster cool!) offers up crowd-pleasing kid fare like chicken nuggets and mac-and-cheese, while the regular menu has enough ambition and variety (including great veggie options, like an eggplant grinder) to make grown-ups happy, too. Mom-and-dad bonus: great craft beers and boozy adult milkshakes.

7619 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19119; 215-753-1500;