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2021 Best Way to Get That Squirrel Family Out of Your Chimney

Wildman Wildlife Solutions

You’ll be forgiven if you confuse “Wildman” Mark Prusaitis with Bigfoot; after all, he created a swole Bigfoot with his own face as his company mascot. Anthropomorphic mythical creatures aside, no one’s better at humanely removing raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and whatever else you got living rent-free on your property. Read More »


2015 Best Wildlife Removal

Daly Termite and Pest Management

When your backyard starts to feel like a life-size game of Whac-A-Mole or the scurrying noises in the attic seem to be multiplying, your fix is Jim Daly. He's not only one of the few local exterminators licensed to deal with larger, four-legged nuisances (which he does humanely) -- he also makes appointments for specific times and gives you his cell number, so you can reach him anytime. Read More »

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