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2022 Best Waxer

Sugar Bar Salon

Maybe it’s the way clients are welcomed into a charming waiting room and offered a glass of rosé, or how the hair-removal gurus use the “sugar” (a simple mix of water, lemon juice and, yes, sugar) to produce super-soft fuzz-free skin that lasts weeks longer than waxing ever could. Whatever it is, Sugar Bar Salon’s sugaring — a gentle, all-natural process dating back to the ancient Egyptians — will leave you feeling like a modern, silky-smooth Cleopatra. Read More »

214 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2017 Best Hair Removal Guru

Janice Stein at AME Salon and Spa

It’s no wonder sugaring has taken the hair-removal world by storm: It hurts less than waxing (the sensation is more tug than riiiip), it leaves fewer angry red bumps, and the results last longer. Janice Stein is the lady to see—clients drive all the way from Bucks to the Main Line because of her expertise. Read More »

111 Waynewood Avenue, Wayne, PA | 610-995-2631 | Website

2016 Best Hair Removal

Sugaring at Green City Beauty

Trust us when we say that owner Ashley Richardson knows her way around a bikini line. Her preferred method of hair removal — via a gooey blend of sugar, water and lemon instead of wax and strips — is all-natural, prevents pesky ingrown hairs, and leaves your skin smooth and bump-free. Plus, it hurts less than traditional wax — victory! Read More »

1120 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-908-4148 | Website

2012 Best Waxing

European Wax Center

All they do is wax; they wear scrubs; and between their gentle no-strip hard wax and the unlimited wax-pass membership that equals mucho moolah in savings, they've earned a permanent spot on our beauty maintenance calendar. Read More »

35 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-561-1250 | Website