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Best Vintage Home Goods

2021 Best Wall Candy

The Modern Republic

Sometimes it can feel like there’s too much art, both vintage and new, with which to decorate your house. How to decide? The Modern Republic, a mid-century modern retailer in Fairmount, is a great place to start: With vintage Alexander Calder and Herman Miller prints at reasonable prices, there’s something for every kind of house (plus great vintage furniture, to boot). If your walls could talk, they’d be thanking you. Read More »

1600 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

2020 Best Vintage Shop for Shelfies

Thunderbird Salvage

The tchotchkes here — German handbemalt candles, a Mork & Mindy doll, a taxidermied raccoon, a ceramic turtle ashtray — may be a random mishmash, but they’ll add gravitas to your bookshelves in a way nothing from Target ever could. Read More »

2441 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 267-761-4336 | Website

2019 Best Vintage Home Emporium

Jinxed in Port Richmond

Jinxed’s newest location is also its largest — a giant warehouse stuffed with piles of quirky bric-a-brac that will make those shelvies (selfies of your shelves, duh) worthy of sharing. Just clear your afternoon: It’s easy to spend hours here. Read More »

2858 Memphis Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-426-5469 | Website

2018 Best Place to Start the Most Hipster Habit Possible

Philly Typewriter

This no-frills shop is the place to buy, trade and repair Remingtons, Royals, Olympias and Smith Coronas – or to indulge in the sweet, simple thrill of click-clacking on some old-school keys. Read More »

1439 East Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA | 267-541-2100 | Website

2018 Best Place to Find Hidden Treasures

The Brownsville Antique Centre

Exploring this rambling old house might actually feel as if you’re on an archaeological dig – you have to sift through a lot of kitsch before you get to the good stuff. But the treasures you’ll eventually unearth, like a 1930s barrister’s cabinet, vintage Louis Vuitton luggage, and a Victorian marble-topped table, make the hunt more than worth it. Read More »

1918 Brownsville Road, Trevose, PA | 215-364-8846 | Website

2017 Best Vintage Furniture

RareCo Vintage

At first glance, this surprisingly palatial vintage shop appears to stock an anything-goes assortment, but look more closely: Nearly everything—velvet swivel seats, hexagonal end tables, the constellation of look-at-me chandeliers dangling from the ceiling—is a real treasure. Read More »

410 Fitzwater Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-281-4228 | Website

2016 Best Instagram for Vintage Furniture

Retrospect Vintage (@retrospectvintage)

Every day, more than 6,000 followers race to claim the vintage home goods this South Street vintage shop posts on its Instagram feed. The items range from antique treasures to kitschy curiosities (rattan peacock chairs, velvet paintings and Victorian settees have all cropped up), and all are priced to sell, well, instantly Read More »

508 South Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-925-3761 | Website

2013 Best Vintage Home Goods


Shop in this quirky, crazily eclectic subterranean emporium of vintage curiosities and accessories, and youre guaranteed to run into most of Phillys creative class. That pretty much sums it up. Read More »

1724 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-242-7154 | Website