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2023 Best Anything Your Little Italian Heart Desires

Farina Di Vita

Since evolving from an online operation to a brick-and-mortar, Farina Di Vita — which translates to “flour of life,” and rightfully so — has quickly earned a rep as the new Italian-grocery darling. The shop sells everything from a very good tuna hoagie to olives and peppers to portioned entrées like handmade stuffed shells and what are easily some of the best chicken cutlets around. Read More »

250 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2021 Best Sandwiches


When you get that first whiff of their sweet house-made milk buns, when you sink your teeth into the grilled swordfish or the fried maitake or the soft brisket, you’ll understand full well how Yehuda Sichel’s Center City sandwich spot is basically a chef-owned upscale restaurant disguised as a fast-casual sandwich shop. Read More »

32 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2020 Best Fast-Food Take on the Classic Surf and Turf

Nick Filet’s Surf and Turf Sandwich

A lobster roll — claws and knuckles only (natch) — with juicy nuggets of filet mignon mixed into it. Eff you, Boston. Read More »

111 East Lancaster Avenue, Paoli, PA | 484-318-8545 | Website

2017 Best Roast Beef Sandwich

Caffe Chicco

Nick’s Old Original isn’t the only game in town. This hidden-in-plain-sight Broad Street cafe serves a mean beef ’n’ cheese (extra-sharp provolone), built the right way on a kaiser roll, so not a single drop of gravy goes to waste. If you’re lucky, the elderly Italian shopkeeper will carve your sandwich to order (which, on second thought, might be why it tastes so good). Read More »

2532 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-334-3100 | Website

2017 Best Sandwich

Pretzel Melt at American Sardine Bar

Chef Doreen DeMarco takes a Philly pretzel, splits it, crisps it, and stuffs it with Country Time ham, American cheese, mustard and a pickle. Even better: It’s just $5. Read More »

1800 Federal Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-334-2337 | Website

2017 Best Tuna Sandwich

Philly Style Bagels

Just when you thought this bagel boutique couldn’t top that esteemed lox sandwich, they nonchalantly roll out this beaut, an amped-up tuna salad (it’s silky, but also hearty enough to hold up to their chewy rounds) that comes with just tomato and lettuce. Get it on an everything, please. Read More »

1451 East Columbia Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

2016 Best Roast Beef Sandwich

Cherry Street Tavern

The Schlitz and Ortlieb's may no longer pour at this corner bar, but never fear: A Yards Pale Ale goes down just as well, especially when it's chasing one of the legendary roast beef sandwiches. Fresh-carved beef and provolone and a chewy roll stiff enough to handle a dip in the jus make this is one of the simplest, most perfect sandwiches in the city. And it's made even better by the fact that they leave you an entire cup of horseradish (and a spoon), so you can add as much as you want. Read More »

129 North 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-561-5683 | Website

2016 Best Menu Item With "Jawn" in It

“The Jawn” at SpOt Gourmet Burger

There's no definition for "jawn," which makes it the perfect name for this delicious sandwich of sliced rib eye, sloppy joe meat, crisp french fries, Whiz and fried onions. It's like an entire beer-drunk Saturday night all smashed into a roll. Read More »

2821 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 267-930-7370 | Website

2015 Best Highbrow Sandwich

The Barcelona at Plenty Cafe

Serrano ham, sweet Spanish chorizo and Mah--n cheese is hardly an avant-garde combination, but Plenty marries them with immaculate arugula and a red pepper aioli on a crusty baguette, for a result as harmonically satisfying as Sketches of Spain on thick vinyl. Read More »

Locations at 1602 Spruce Street and 1710 East Passyunk Avenue | 267-909-8033 | Website

2015 Best Vegetarian Sandwich

Pane Panella at Garces Trading Co.

Don't let the optional side order of duck-fat fries distract you: Mediterranean meatlessness doesn't get better than a crispy-edged block of chickpea panisse slicked with red pepper confit and basil aioli, served on a brioche bun. Read More »

1111 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-574-1099 | Website