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Best Roti

2023 Best Roti

Caribbean Style Cuisine

Walk into this one-table takeout­ spot in Delco, and behind a steam table of various Caribbean and soul-food delights, you’ll see an artist at work. A woman simply­ known as Nandi rolls out and makes every flaky roti to order, using flour, water, salt, a little sugar, a lot of love and kneading,­ and, she says, the perfect-temperature­ griddle — “hot, but not too hot!” Rotis have been in her family for generations, both from her native Guyana and also from her ancestors in India; “My roti have a little of all of that,” she says. They’re perfect for scooping up mounds of rich and spicy goat curry and snapper stew. Read More »

200 Long Lane, Upper Darby, PA