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Best Restaurant Service

2017 Best Service

Abe Fisher

The CookNSolo empire prides itself on its front-of-house expertise—it’s why Zahav seems to get a James Beard nomination for Outstanding Service every year. The service staff at Abe Fisher is no exception. They know the menu front and back, course out your meal perfectly, always recommend just the right drink, and never bat an eye at your fussiest dinner guest. Read More »

1623 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-867-0088 | Website

2017 Best Server

Luis Pedrogo at Noord

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more experienced and charming personality in the biz. Pedrogo is always cool under pressure and knows his stuff, and everyone—everyone—likes him. He’ll even be nice to your gluten-intolerant vegan (but sometimes pescatarian) cousin who’s allergic to onions. Read More »

1046 Tasker Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-909-9704 | Website

2014 Best General Manager

Ben Fileccia at Sbraga

Fileccia, a Vetri-group alum, gracefully, subtly, elegantly and always in a well-tailored suit choreographs the nightly dinner service at Sbraga like it's a long-running show. Even in today's casual restaurant atmosphere, his staff is tightly trained to keep guests thinking about everything but the service. Read More »

440 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-735-1913 | Website

2013 Best Service


Wine not hitting you quite right? Want the full story on how chef Eli Kulp makes his alt-Peking duck? Lose an earring on the way to the restroom? All these things happened to us this year at Ellen Yins revitalized Old City institution and out came a fresh glass, a masterful description, and our recovered jewelry to boot. Yin sets the gold standard for engaged ownership, and her servers go above and beyond to make everything right. Read More »

306 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-625-9425 | Website

2011 Best Service

Lacroix at the Rittenhouse

There are no servers here. There are only seventh-degree black belts in telepathy, arcane cooking knowledge and unflappable grace. Why do you think they keep winning this award? Read More »

210 West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA | 215-546-9000 | Website

2010 Best Service

Lacroix at the Rittenhouse

You might have four servers at your table during any given meal, and somehow they all seem to be communicating wordlessly to perform exactly as necessary. They're knowledgeable but not intimidating, fluent in the intricacies of the menu, and friendly in a way that's never overreaching. If there's a future for formal dining, this seamless experience is it. Read More »

210 West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA | 215-546-9000 | Website