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Best Restaurant for a First Date

2023 Best First-Date Spot

Next of Kin

Need a reliable bar where you can stare at a Bumble date while making erotic-yet-skeptical eyes? Want to drink a well-made cocktail with ingredients you can actually identify? This new Fishtown spot is designed to serve the neighborhood straightforward classics, and that’s what makes it wonderful. If the date’s a dud, just sit at the bar and hang out with co-owners Kyle Darrow, John Grubb and Devan Roberts instead. Read More »

1414 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

2022 Best Date Spot Where You Can Appear Cooler Than You Actually Are

Mish Mish

Along with Jeff Goldblum’s filmography and the bathroom jokes in Ulysses, this apricot-adorned spot fits into the highbrow/lowbrow category that makes daily existence more enjoyable. Mish Mish doesn’t take itself too seriously — the wine list has tasting notes like “red silk pajamas” and “gabagoolian” — yet the hospitality is as finely tuned as at any upscale spot. So if you ever need to create the illusion that you’re chill and have great taste, book a table, order some grilled octopus with muhammara, then sit by the Singing Fountain and discuss your hopes and fears and the Jawn Morgan billboards on I-95. Read More »

1046 Tasker Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2016 Best Date-Night Restaurant

Good King Tavern

Whether you've just swiped right or you're 20 years in, take your date to this cozy maize-gold space. It's got tin ceilings and a French-countryside vibe, so if you order a jug of wine and snacks off the menu of Paris-bistro classics, you'll almost feel like you're in France. Read More »

614 South 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-625-3700 | Website

2012 Best Restaurant for a First Date

Talula’s Garden

Successful first dates are all about the balancing act. You don't want too fancy, but you don't want Applebee's. You don't want food that's too challenging or weird, but neither do you want to be eating chicken fingers. Talula's Garden is perfect because it's both gracious and casual, with a menu that's luxurious without being ridiculous, and a setting so lovely that it already feels like you're in a movie, acting out the first-date scene. Read More »

210 West Washington Square, Philadelphia, PA | 215-592-7787 | Website

2011 Best Restaurant for a First Date


If the note-perfect dishes and simple, spare charm of this tiny, golden South Philly BYO don't land you a second date, it really is you who's doing something wrong. But hey, at least you'll have the malted milk-chocolate ice cream with peanut brittle to console you. Read More »

1537 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-551-5000 | Website