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2023 Best Shop for the Plant Lover

Proper Goods

Visiting Proper Goods feels like stepping into a lush jungle — if jungles happened to sprout up in cool boutiques in the middle of Fishtown. The moody outpost is packed with hundreds of houseplants (no flowers here), from philodendron and spider plants to succulents, air plants, and trailing pothos and ivies, along with all the pots, stands, soil and know-how you need to keep ’em alive. Read More »

2032 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

2021 Best Roving Cactus Cart

Cactus Cart

There’s nothing more Philly than a couple of punk kids rolling around town with a cart full of cacti, just like rag-and-bone men of yore. The Cactus Cart pops up on weekends at varying corners of South Philly, and the offerings are just what you need to spruce up your space: vibrant, spiky succulents planted in retro sugar cannisters and old beer cans. Plus, the cacti come in all shapes and sizes to fit on any windowsill or bookshelf. Read More »


2021 Best Plant Shop

Bespoke Home + Life

Once you’ve lived vicariously through the shop’s rotating seasonal themes (the Joshua tree iteration featured a stock-tank swimming pool), browse the terrariums, ferns and more peeping out from nearly every corner, indoors and out. Green thumbs, take note: Philodendrons with variegated leaves are so hot right now. Read More »

817 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, NJ Website