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Best Pilates Coach

2010 Best Pilates Coach

Amy Lee

Once a modern dancer in NYC and certified in Pilates since 1998, Lee has developed an individual-attention method of instruction (private or duet sessions only) that focuses first on getting students moving and then on getting them moving correctly, all the way to that Aha Moment of "So this is how that's supposed to feel!" There's a reason all the students of this under-the-radar body coach have signed up through word of mouth. 16 South 20th Street, second floor, 917-514-0896. Read More »

16 South 20th Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA | 917-514-0896

2009 Best Pilates Newbie

Beth Downey at Body Precision Pilates Studio

While she's not exactly "new" (she's been teaching for nearly 15 years), her evolved, client-customized, non-purist approach sure feels it. Read More »

28 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont, PA | 610-520-2348 | Website

2009 Best Pilates Doyenne

Karen Carlson

The teacher other teachers list as their mentor, she's been studying and instructing for more than 28 years before anybody even knew what the hell Pilates was. Read More »

1420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-545-2212 | Website