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Best Pain Healer

2019 Best Holistic Pain Relief

Manual Therapy by Emmanuelle

Part therapist, part spooky body manipulator, French-born Emmanuelle Celicout intimately understands lower back trauma (she was a skydiver in a past life!) and will get you into pain-free shape in no time. Read More »

1910 Green Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-428-6728 | Website

2016 Best Guru for the Injury-Prone

Pete Mattis, ZAKTi Fitness Studio

ZAKTi studio owner Pete Mattis, who spent years as an architect before breaking into the fitness world, has designed his own fix-it method of fitness, starting with a consultation in which he pinpoints the weaknesses throwing your body out of balance. Then the real magic begins: He'll bring you back from injury — or help prevent it — with doses of the studio's signature corrective group fitness classes, bodywork and one-on-one training sessions. Read More »

744 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-639-2366 | Website

2012 Best Pain Healer

Rob Mahon

Why do people speak of this musculoskeletal therapist in hushed, reverent tones? In a two-hour appointment, he pinpoints the source of a patient's pain; resolves it with stretches, massage and realignment; and sends him or her out the door with instructions for at-home maintenance. Just like that—poof!—the pain is gone. Read More »

The Bellevue, 200 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA | 610-639-0296 | Website