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Best Nursery

2011 Best Suburban Nursery

The Rhoads Garden

Think of this as Waterloo Gardens North. Acres of the healthiest boxwoods, hollies, laurels, roses and gorgeous, vibrant annuals and whether you buy three bushes or 35, it's never more than $75 to deliver. Read More »

570 Dekalb Pike, North Wales, PA | 215-699-2207 | Website

2011 Best City Nursery

Greensgrow Farms

Philly's best-known urban farm takes as much care with its ferns and honeysuckles as it does with its kale and carrots. And supporting it supports the neighborhood: Greensgrow does everything from planting trees along nearby streets to creating jobs to running a food-share program for its neighbors. Read More »

2501 East Cumberland Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-427-2702 | Website