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Best Musical Instrument Repair

2019 Best String Instrument Repair

Frederick W. Oster Fine Violins

For 45 years, Oster has sold 17th-century instruments so expensive that he won’t even list some prices. If his luthiers are good enough to handle those masterpieces, you bet they’re good enough for your grandmother’s old fiddle. Read More »

507 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-545-1100 | Website

2019 Best Piano Repair

Cunningham Piano Company

This 128-year-old company designs pianos from scratch and restores priceless Bosendorfers and Steinways for people all over the world. Additional location in Germantown, by appointment only. Read More »

198 Allendale Road, King of Prussia, PA | 800-394-1117 | Website

2019 Best Clarinet Repair

Atelier Jacobi

From his unassuming workshop in the BOK Building, seasoned technician Mark Jacobi makes repairs — and custom parts — for principals from the biggest-deal symphony orchestras in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and right here in Philly. Read More »

1901 South 9th Street, Suite 512, Philadelphia, PA | 267-273-1985 | Website

2019 Best Brass Instrument Repair

A Minor Tune Up

Twenty years ago, Chris Cromer was a music education major at the University of Delaware with dreams of opening his own brass repair shop. These days, he performs tune-ups for horn players who tour with the likes of Justin Timberlake. Read More »

1704 North Scott Street, Wilmington, DE | 302-658-1587 | Website